University of Prince Edward Island 1992-1998

From left to right: CAPE experiment logo; Dr Jean Grundy; Dr Liz Wirtanen; M. Sc. Jennifer Morrison; M. Sc. Jillian MacCallum; B. Sc. Dayre McNally; B. Sc. Adel Navidazeh, M. Sc. Semir Omar; and the Protein Connection gift of the UPEI Biochem class of 96 (I think!); Canadian Space Agency logo, and our very first industrial partner: DCL!

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 1998-2008

From left to right: M.Sc. Alain Doucet, M.Sc. Martin Williams; Dr Habib Khoudi; Tech Cindy Lavallée, M.Sc. Maxime Sasseville; M.Sc. Sébastien Claveau; M. Sc. Catherine St-Louis; Ph. D. Etienne Dubé; M. Sc. Vicky Houle; Ph. D. Mylène Gagnon AND "Seb", father of three kids, playing bass guitar with the "Layers of death".  Who would have predicted that!

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 2010- 2017