Projects B: Analysis of lignocellulosic fiber surface with FPTM

Vinay Khatri (Ph. D. candidate) developed a series of carbohydrate binding modules with varied affinity for hemicelluloses.  He is interested in application of a new approach for biomass polymer detection in various industrial sectors.  He recently joined University of Alberta as a postdoctoral researcher.  

Yannick Hébert-Ouellet (Ph. D. U. Laval) has worked on the development of a new method for characterization of wood fiber surface polymers. The method is based on the used of specific carbohydrate binding modules. The relevant intellectual property is currently owned by Buckman International.  

Yannick is now a specialised teacher, working in Québec city.  

Li Cui (Ph. D. U. Tianjin) is the pulp and paper expert of the team.  Li develops enzymatic strategies for controlling refining costs while preserving pulp and paper properties.  He is particularly interested in synergies among CAZymes and their impact on paper. 

Li is now a postdoc at Leakhead University.