Projects C: Exploring microbial diversity for various applications

Manel Ghribi (M. Sc. candidate) is interested in microbial diversity and its potential uses in various industries.  She characterizes novel enzymes produced by unique bacterial strains found in strategic ecological niches.  Recently she identified bacterial strains that eliminate industrial dyes with various chemical structures.  

Fatma Meddeb (Ph. D. U Tunis).  Fatma is an adjunct professor who collaborates to various projects involving the use of novel enzymatic strategies for application in pulp and paper.  One of her project involves the screening of biomass found on various pulp and paper industrial sites.  She also develops enzymatic assays with industrial substrates in a high throughput format. 

Valérie Lalande (M. Sc. UQTR).  Valérie is interested in rapid sequencing methods for identification of biodiversity in various environmental and industrial samples.  Her work also focuses on the development of targeted microbe control strategies for a number of industrial partners.